character sketch of bassanio

He claims himself to be the "Not-so-distant cousin" of Ethur Mac Cuill the Second. He turns to his friend Antonio, a wealthy merchant, for help in borrowing money from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender. Bassanio is a character of Merchant of Venice. Bassanio is a fictional character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.He is a Spendthrift who wasted all of his money in order to be seen as a respectable man. Antonio, whose money is invested in foreign ventures, borrows the sum from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender, on the… First, Bassanio is a reckless youth with no wisdom or thought for the future. She makes a decision and immediately attempts to put it into effect. Bassanio. Bassanio is one of the most important characters of the play. Bassanio has squandered his own fortune and is in debt to Antonio and others, but Antonio cares deeply for Bassanio and does not refuse the request. Bassanio holds noble rank in the city, but he’s squandered his estate and needs to raise funds to go to Belmont and woo the wealthy heiress Portia. Bassanio, she says, must "First go with me to church and call me wife, / And then away to Venice to your friend!" He tells Portia about the money he allowed Antonio to borrow from Shylock and of Antonio's lost ships. He is a passive character who at times seems to be unheroic. He is Antonio's best friend and Portia's lover. Salerio curses Shylock's brutality: "Never did I know a creature that did bear the shape of man so keen and greedy to confound a man" (3.2.274–5)," and comments that … Indicative of Portia's rare character in this scene is her immediate reaction to the crisis at hand. And when Nerissa mentions the fact that Bassanio … Bassanio, a noble but penniless Venetian, asks his wealthy merchant friend Antonio for a loan so that Bassanio can undertake a journey to woo the heiress Portia. Bassanio gets increasingly upset as he reads the letter. Bassanio had survived a shipwreck that pirates had attacked. Already she has given him cause to think that it is possible that he can woo and win her, for on an earlier visit to Belmont, Bassanio did "receive fair speechless messages" from her eyes. love for Bassanio; a generous philanthropist; passive, stoic; Antonio – The Hero of the Play Antonio is the hero of the play and is the merchant of Venice. Bassanio is Antonio's friend who needs money so he can court the wealthy heiress Portia, a woman famed for her wealth, wisdom, and beauty. He hopes to get out of debt by marrying a wealthy heiress, but he first needs to … Merchant of Venice Friendship of the Ocean. Character Sketch of Bassanio Summary: A detailed and in-depth character sketch of Bassanio from William Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice." He hasn't learned from anything that has transpired before the play opens that may have contributed to the loss of all his financial resources. It's a decision which allows Bassanio to leave for Belmont, … He pales into insignificance before Shylock or Portia. To regain his fortune, he is determined to marry Portia, a wealthy, intelligent heiress of Belmont.In order to ask for her hand in marriage, Bassanio and his best friend, … Bassanio S.W.E.A.T.E.R S - Bassanio has many strengths throughout Merchant of Venice, but one that really stands out ____is that he stands up for what he believes in. At the beginning, Bassanio is a good-natured but irresponsible young man who has gotten himself into debt by living beyond his means. We see this when he is the court room with ____Shylock and Antonio. He has spent whatever fortune he had instead of living within the scope of his financial means. W - Bassanio shows weakness when he gives the Character Analysis Portia ... Bassanio's words are enough; thus we turn to her love for Bassanio. He is Antonio's best friend, and later marries Portia after winning the casket test.

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