ASME/ANSI B18.2.1 :Square and Hex Bolts and Screw(Inch Series)

ASME B18.2.3.6M : Metric Heavy Hex Bolts

ASME B18.5: Round Head Bolts (Inch Series)

ASME B18.6.2:Slotted head cap screws Square Head Set Screws, and Slotted Headless set Screw(inch series)

ASME B18.3: Socket Cap, Shoulder,and Set Screws, Hex and Spline Keys(Inch series)

ASME B18.6.1: Wood Screws(Inch series)

ASME B18.6.3:Slotted binding Head Machine Screws

ASME B18.6.4 :Slotted and Cross Recessed Head Tapping Screws

DIN7504  Self-drilling tapping screws

DIN912 Hexagon socket cap screws

DIN931/933 Hexagon head screws

DIN963  Slotted countersund head screws

DIN7981 Pan head tapping screws with cross recessed

DIN7982 Countersunk flat head tapping screws with cross recessed

DIN7983 Raised countersunk oval head tapping screws with cross

DIN7971 Pan head tapping screws with slot

DIN7972 Countersunk flat head tapping screws with slot

DIN7973 Raised sountersunk oval head tapping screws with slot

DIN7976 Hexagon tapping screws

DIN7985 Pan head screws with cross recessed

DIN7991  Hexagon socket coutersunk head screws

DIN95 Slotted raised csk head wood screws

DIN96 Slotted round head wood screws

DIN97 Slotted countersunk head wood screws

DIN261 T-head bolts

DIN464 Knurled thumb screws with collar

DIN465 Slotted knurled thumb screws with collar

DIN571 Hexgon head wood screw

DIN580 Lifting eye bolts

DIN603 Carriage bolts

DIN3570 U-bolts

DIN6900 Screws and washers assemblies

DIN6901 Tapping screws and washer assemblies

DIN7965 Thread cutting screws cross recess

DIN7995 Cross recessed raised countersunk head wood screws

DIN7996 Cross recessed round head wood screws

DIN7997 Cross recessed countersunk head wood screws

DIN84/ DIN85 Slotted cheese head screws


ASME/ANSI B18.2.2: Square and Hex Nuts (Inch Series)

ASME B18.16.4: Regular Serrated Hex Flange nuts

ANSI B18.2.4.6M :Metric Heavy Hex Nuts

A194 2H

DIN934 Hexagon nuts

DIN936 Hexagon thin nuts

DIN439 Hexagon thin nuts

DIN935 Hexagon slotted and castle nuts

DIN937 Hexagon thin slotted and caslte nuts